Acorns and Buttons began by offering custom orders and we will continue with this service, because we know that children are unique.

You can match your childs individuality with an outfit especially made for them, using fabrics that they want to wear! 


We manage our Custom Order from our Facebook Page

- you can see the latest fabrics on offer, new outfits, and upcoming designs as well as special offers, events and customer reviews!

If your not on Facebook, please send an email using the Contact Us page.

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We are delighted to have worked with some customers who loved our outfits and requested slight modifications to accomoate their children with Achondroplasia (dwarfism).


The modifications we are able to offer to our standard outfits are: -

  1. Shortening the finished leg length
  2. Shortening the finished arm length

We have found that customers will order regular sizes with a request for these adjustment.


If you would like to order an Acorns and Buttons outfit with one of these adjustments, please Click Here for an order form.